New Life, New Blog!

Welcome to Cookin and Cowgirlin! A cooking/ranching/lifestyle blog. I decided to start this blog after my husband and I moved to Wyoming to pursue our dream of ranching full time. Here you’ll find a variety of recipes (some healthy, some not), tips on how to menu plan, and projects and happenings from my own life! I’ll start by telling y’all a little bit about myself and how the idea for this blog came about.


Hi! I’m Madison, an all American country girl who wants to be a real cowgirl when she grows up. I grew up in a small town in the heart of Utah but I always dreamed of marrying a cowboy and living on a ranch in Montana or Wyoming. I was very stubborn about it to the point that people thought I was too picky and going to die alone…okay maybe not quite that extreme, but I’m sure it was a concern for both of my parents at one point or another! I love love to cook, love it. As for doing the dishes after I managed to dirty every single one while cooking isn’t my favorite thing, but the cooking and creating is. I first really learned to cook when I was 18. I was just about to graduate school and wanted to pursue my real dream and go work on a ranch somewhere and be whisked away by a cowboy. Well my aunt had a cousin who’s family was managing a ranch about an hour outside of Jackson, Wyoming. When I called and told them I was interested in a job they said, “well the only job we have left open is the cook, can you cook?” My mind was going a million miles a second. I had cooked a little bit with my mom and I knew how to make bread but this was my dream and I wanted it so bad. So, if they needed someone who could cook then heck yeah I can cook! It was a long hard road to learn. I was in the kitchen by myself cooking for 30-40 people three meals a day and two desserts. But I did it! I also got pretty dang good at it if I do say so myself and really learned to love it! I would go back two more summers after that. Now I’m living on a ranch with my husband and a baby on the way and I want to share my love of cooking and ranching and passion for life with you! Cheers to a new life and a new blog!

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